Snooker in Frutigen

The disassembled 10ft table is delivered.
It is a second-hand model. The construction is made of oak.
]5 pieces of slate (from Italy, 100kgs each) build the base of the playing surface. With the help of a spirit level it has to be balanced perfectly. If necessary, the connections have to be made perfect with filling compound.
Although the table is second hand, the surface must be covered with a new cloth. It is made in England and has to be absolutely level. Even the slightest unevenness will affect the run of the balls.
After that, the although newly covered cushions are being fitted.
The pockets and the hooks for the rests are being added.
Dan posing with Sascha Lippe, multiple German Snooker champion, who fitted the table for us.
Who will drop in for a little match? You are invited. Seriously, give us a call. Kids should be at least 10 to be able to play.