Salty stuff

Macht und Liebe. Macht oder Liebe? Gedanken dazu, wie Gott mit seiner Macht umgeht, und über die grösste Macht, die es gibt. -->>>
Auferstehung - Mythos, Halluzination oder Legende? Ist unser Glaube überhaupt glaubwürdig? Argumente und Fakten, welche aufzeigen, dass wir nicht einem Hirngespinst auf den Leim gegangen sind.-->>>
This short films shows, why and how the video bible in Russian sign language is being produced. The project started in 2012, the film was made in 2013. The full video Bible in Russian sign language for deaf people will hopefully be finished by 2016.-->>>
When going through a crisis, suffering or failure, we often ask: Why? Why is God allowing this to happen? Based on personal experiences, Erich shows, that this actually is the wrong question. If our picture of God is fully defined by Jesus Christ, then we know, how God really is! And then we will ask a totally different question. Sermon in German language.-->>>
Growing spiritually? Well, that's soooo tedious! Really? Sermon in German.-->>>
God is love. This is a totally clear and simple truth, but at the same time also such a profound fact, that we will never be able to really grasp it. The Gospel is both, totally simple and straightforward, so that the most simple people can understand it, and at the same time there is a depth to it, which we even with a PhD can hardly begin to fathom.-->>>