Baptism of DarjaMehr
God is love. This is a totally clear and simple truth, but at the same time also such a profound fact, that we will never be able to really grasp it. The Gospel is both, totally simple and straightforward, so that the most simple people can understand it, and at the same time there is a depth to it, which we even with a PhD can hardly begin to fathom.Mehr
May 2013: Studio recordings, House church, Video-Bible, Lumber jacking, SchoolMehr
March 2013: Family camp, House church, Youth ministry, Studio recordings, Video-BibleMehr
December 2012: House church, Family camp, Presentations at the University of Ostroh, Students from the music school, Studio recordingsMehr
September 2012: Cow-trading, A somewhat unusual group, Bible for deaf people, Feedback on the sermon translationsMehr
June 2012: Student ministry, House church, Studio recordings, Construction work, Lumber jacking, Apprenticeship as a carpenterMehr
March 2012: House church, A Christmas story, Carpentry work, Studio recordings, Ice Age, Bible for deafMehr